About us


Relax & Be  was created in 2014 (then called Relax Bristol) by Rosie Sirkett with the idea of nurture and rest in mind. Nurture and rest for mind, body and soul, for as many people as possible and as conveniently as possible. We live in such a busy time and massage is one of the few opportunities we have to be completely still. To slow our minds and bodies down, and to allow our energy levels to be restored. 


Realising the limits to reaching more people when working alone, Rosie, a qualified holistic massage therapist herself, noticed a need for a professional home massage service in Bristol and the South West that worked as a team rather than individually. So with her years of experience of working in high end spas under her belt and her refined knowledge of 'what really makes for a good massage', Rosie began recruiting our exceptional team of  massage therapists and developing the business  ever since.

Our Values

Everything we do is grounded in the following five values




We make life easier by coming to you and  by lifting the strains of life from your shoulders.




The highest quality treatments from the highest quality therapists




Always providing a professional service from start to finish




Tailoring every treatment to the specific therapeutic needs of our clients.


Being here with you now.


Why choose us?

We come to you


Having a massage in a clinic or spa should be lovely, but finding your way there and back in rush hour traffic? Parking? Going back outside into the cold after your treatment?  We take all this stress away by coming to you.


Massage on demand


Arrange your treatment for in as little as  2 hours from the time you book. If you see the 

treatment time as available on our website that means we have a therapist on call and ready to be at your door in that time. 


Quality assured


Every one of our qualified and insured therapists are personally trade tested by us so we can be sure that we are providing you with the very best possible service. 




Our professional therapists add their availability over seven days a week, from 8am in the morning to 11pm at night, so we can fit your treatment conveniently around your schedule.


Easy to book


Our online booking system makes arranging your massage easy.  Our phone and text lines are also open 7 days a week if you’d like to discuss our treatment options or need any more information before booking.


Health insurance approved


Many health insurance plans such as Health Shield will cover complementary therapy treatments but only if the therapy provider has the correct credentials. Luckily for you, that's us. Be sure to email us with the qualifications/ membership you need and we can arrange the right therapist for you.  

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