Eco massage

You provide the table, we provide the therapist

£55 per hour

If you are able to buy either new or second hand, your own massage table, and you are happy to use your own towels then, you can receive your massage from just £49  or even less with our massage membership and packages options. Please note that we can't provide massage treatments on a normal bed or a normal table, and this option is only currently available for booking single massages and

not couples or group bookings.  

Still have questions? Find out even more about our eco massage here

A quick question to help us improve

We're looking into including having a massage table delivered to you as part of our eco  massage memberships and packages. This would mean our  monthly membership payments would be higher to cover the cost of the table, but you wouldn't need to find one to buy or borrow.  Would this interest you more than our current eco massage membership offering? 

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