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Why should I choose a Relax & Be mobile massage rather than go to a spa?


Having a massage in a salon or spa can be wonderful but getting there and back can be an unnecessary stress: rush hour driving, finding a parking space and going back outside into the cold after your massage is not conducive to your much needed relaxation. We take all this stress away by coming to you.

Why do Relax & Be  only take online bookings when I want to book my massage over the phone?

Our online booking system is the simplest, quickest and most efficient way for massage treatments to be booked. As we are a completely mobile company that is run by therapists, we do not have a staff member at the desk at all times to take down details. We also ask for a few health details when you book your treatment and to digitally agree that you are happy to receive your massage. This saves time during your actual treatment and allows your massage therapist to prepare themselves prior to  arriving at your door. 


How does the Relax & Be mobile massage service work?

After you have requested your massage it will go straight to an available massage therapist on the team. This therapist will have a read over the details, check the distance from their house/ see if they feel they are the right therapist for you, then, once sure, they will confirm the massage treatment and you will receive a confirmation e-mail and text. On the date and time of your massage treatment your therapist will arrive at your door and will set up their mobile massage table.

What should I wear for my Relax & Be mobile massage?

Feel free to get into something comfortable like your pyjamas or a dressing gown for when your massage therapist arrives. We kindly ask to keep your underwear on during your massage treatment  for both hygiene and so our therapists feel safe but everything else will usually be requested to be removed including jewelry for your comfort. You will always be given full privacy to get your self on and off the massage table. 

How long does a Relax & Be mobile massage last?


Your therapist will arrive at the agreed time that you book, but the length of the treatment is time actually on the table, so remember to allow approximately fifteen minutes either side of your treatment for your therapist to set up and pack down.  

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my massage treatment?

Once you book your massage treatment you will receive an email with suggestions of how you can maximise the benefits of your massage. One suggestion is to turn the heating up in the room you would like your treatment one hour before to ensure you are completely comfortable throughout. 

Which areas of Bristol, Bath and Cardiff does Relax & Be Mobile Massage cover and how do I know if I can get a massage near me

We operate a mobile service across Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Newport. Please see our locations page for more details if you are wondering ' How can I find a massage near me?'

If I can get a massage near me, how can I book? 

If we have therapists in your area near Bath, Bristol, Cardiff or Newport you will be able to book your massage treatment easily via our website. You will be guided through  the booking process, from choosing the right massage for you to selecting a date and time and then requesting your massage therapist. 

If I'm unable to get a massage near me from Relax & Be what should I do?

If you would like to get a massage from Relax & Be but it doesn't look like our services are in your area yet then it's worth signing up to our newsletter. This way we can keep you updated if we start providing massages near you in the future.

I'm a massage therapist, but there is no massage near me. Could I still apply to work with Relax & Be?

We are always open to expanding to new areas of the UK so if you think there is a market for our services in your area  and you are able to offer fifteen hours availability most weeks then it's worth getting in touch to see if we could work together to provide massage treatments near you together. 


How do Relax & Be select their mobile massage therapists?

Each therapist is trade tested, which means that when they apply they provide a massage treatment to one of our team. When we receive a massage treatment from a potential new massage therapist we are not only looking for the quality of the massage itself ,but for the quality of the whole experience from when the therapist arrives, their manner, courtesy and presentation as well as their knowledge relating to the musculoskeletal system.  We check all qualifications and insurance also so that  we can be sure we are supplying you with the very best possible service. 


What kind of products do Relax & Be mobile massage therapists use in their treatments?

Our team of massage therapists all use their own oils, so we can't give you an exact answer of what products will be used during your massage treatment, but most therapists will either use a natural base oil such as almond oil or grapeseed oil, a natural massage wax or balm or a cream. 

Do Relax & Be use essential oils in their massage treatments?

Some of our massage therapists will provide essential oils for during your massage treatment irrelevant to the treatment type you have booked, so if you have any allergies it is important to state these in your health form when you book your massage. If you definitely want to have essential oils included in your treatment then you will need to choose an aromatherapy massage

What should I do after my Relax & Be mobile massage?

After a Relax Bristol massage you’re already in the cosy surroundings of home so why not use the time you would have otherwise spent travelling to have a hot bath or curl up on the sofa with a herbal tea and carry on the relaxation into the evening! 

Do you offer sexual or sensual massage?

We are aware that there are other kinds of massage that can be associated with the mobile massage industry so we want to make it completely crystal clear that Relax Bristol is not one of them. We offer a massage service delivered to provide therapeutic relaxation from qualified and insured massage therapists with nationally recognised qualifications  and do not provide treatments of a sexual nature in any way. Our therapists conduct themselves in a professional manner for all treatments, keeping the conversation and the practice of the massage itself professional at all times. We expect the same behaviour from our clients.

Workplace massage 

How do I book with Relax & Be to organise workplace massage?

You can find details of how to book workplace massage  here.

How does Relax & Be workplace and corporate massage work?

Our therapists will arrive at an agreed time and set up our specialist massage chair in a separate room so that clients can feel they have the privacy to fully relax. Your team members can then take it in turns to come in for their expert massage treatment and return to their work relaxed, refreshed and revived.

How long does a Relax & Be workplace massage last?

You can choose between 10 and 25 minute massages. Long enough to relax, short enough to stay alert.

How are payments made for workplace massage with Relax & Be?


We can take payment by BACS transfer and we usually take one lump payment for all employees. 

W hy is workplace massage important?

Sitting at computers all day can cause havoc with your back, neck and shoulders. One of our expert massage treatments will ease aches and pains which will keep stress at bay and keep your team working to their full potential.

What can Relax & Be offer as part of the workplace massage service?


Relax & Be's expert therapists can offer your team members a chance to escape the usual stresses and strains of the day to allow them to stop, refocus and start work again refreshed. Our friendly therapists are sure to bring a smile to your well deserving team. Just email us your requirements and together we can organise a plan for your workplace.

What are the benefits of workplace massage for your organisation?

Hard work deserves a reward, and what better way to say thank you to your team than with a massage from Relax Bristol? Get everyone loving their boss and loving their workplace for providing them with such a treat! 


What rates do Relax & Be charge for workplace massage services?


You can find details of our workplace massage rates here.


Should I book Relax & Be to provide workplace massage in my organisation?


Yes! If you are looking for something to re-light the spark in your workforce and get your staff working to their full potential then you have come to the right place!

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