Eco massage



£48 /month

You provide the massage table and towels,

we provide the expert therapist

We believe that massage needs to be, and can be  woven into the fabric and walls of our homes and lives, so we invite you to consider  the possibility of owning your very own massage table. A simple Google for  'buy massage table' will show you a selection to choose from from £50  upwards or even better,check Gumtree to find one second hand! 


With your own table and towels we can come to you for a far reduced rate than if we were to bring our own table .


We know what your thinking;  'Where will I keep it?' And we do understand that not everyone will have space to keep a fairly bulky massage table at home.  But if you do happen to have plenty of space, and  you just love massage then one of our

Eco massage memberships could make perfect sense! 

Eco massage membership

  • 1 massage a month (12 a  year) .

  • Unused treatments are rolled over to the the following month

  • Share treatments with friends and family

A quick question to help us improve
our eco massage packages and memberships.

We're looking into including having a massage table delivered to you included as standard with  our eco  massage memberships and packages.


This would mean our  monthly membership payments would be higher to cover the cost of the table, but you wouldn't need to find one to buy or borrow.  Would this interest you more than our current eco massage membership offering where you need to source your own table? 

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