Online Wellness

kindness for our minds during challenging times

As a way to offer some much needed relaxation, just incase we go back into lockdown

Relax & Be has partnered with some other wonderous wellness operators offering  accessible services online.  Please have a gentle browse to see what stands out to you. 

An online wellness festival

The Samhain Summit aims to be a space where you can actively cultivate some moments of true peace and joy from the comfort of your own home. These emotions are not only of paramount importance for mental wellbeing, but have a direct and positive impact on the physical health of the body also. 

In a year where uncertainty, stress, and fear have run rife, The Samhain Summit offers the chance for you to learn about and/or experience multiple self-care practices that can help you restore equilibrium, kickstart the parasympathetic nervous system, and thereby boost your immune system.

There was a time when Samhain was celebrated as the end of the year due to the unproductivity we would have naturally witnessed in nature. As the nights draw in, the temperature drops, and our natural energy resources begin to lessen, this weekend creates the perfect opportunity to stay home, go within, and connect to the peace and joy that can be found in just being and playing...


The majority of the sessions are family friendly and for any level of ability - we are advocates for giving it a go and having some fun whilst also being mindful of your own limitations!

NLP Master Practitioner offering online sessions.

How can NLP & Hypnotherapy help me? One of the most advanced and effective methods of personal development, coaching and psychotherapy, NLP is a cutting edge solutions oriented psychology that can be used to change almost any unwanted habits and patterns of behaviour.

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