Bespoke massage


The stresses and strains of life can affect us all in different ways. Muscle tension and postural issues can manifest themselves in unique ways depending on our medical history and overall physical health. Knowing that all of our clients choose Relax Bristol with specific sets of needs and experiences is part of the reason we offer our bespoke massage service. We are firm believers in the restorative power of massage for people from all walks of life. Bespoke massage allows our therapists to create a treatment catered specifically to your individual needs. Perhaps you’ve tried relaxation massage before and it didn’t quite hit the spot. Or maybe you’ve got a work-related injury that you can’t seem to shift. If that sounds like you, then a bespoke massage may be the solution.

What are the potential benefits of bespoke Massage?

Bespoke massage treatments can be particularly effective for: Dealing with muscle tension related to work-related or postural issues, aiding recovery from injury, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, improving mood & overall wellbeing.

What massage techniques are used during a bespoke massage?

During your treatment, your therapist will be able to draw upon their training and experience to select the most appropriate techniques for you. These may include techniques from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and other forms, depending on what you have discussed with them. In general, your massage will normally begin with smooth, slow stroking techniques, followed by a combination of kneading techniques to relax the muscles, friction techniques and cupping techniques. Your therapist might offer to use massage oil, but this is totally dependent on you. Bespoke massage gives you total freedom to decide what is most suitable for you and your body’s needs. You’ll also be able to choose the level of intensity that feels comfortable for you.

Who would benefit from a bespoke massage?

Anyone. We believe that massage has something to offer people at any stage of life, regardless of age, background or level of physical health. The benefits of massage are well researched and include reductions in stress levels, tension and anxiety as well as improvements in mood, sleep and overall wellbeing. The beauty of a bespoke treatment with Relax Bristol is that it is you are able to shape it according to your requirements. People who might benefit from this approach include those who have a specific injury or ailment related to their work - for example from sitting or driving for long periods of time. It’s also suitable for those who just want to relax, but want to focus on a specific area of the body.

What can I expect during a bespoke massage?

At the start of your treatment, you’ll be able to discuss your precise needs, requirements and expectations with your therapist to make sure you get exactly what you want out of the session. Your therapist will also take some time to ask you about your medial history and any current symptoms you may be experiencing. You’ll then be invited to undress, and the massage will usually take place in your underwear, covered by a sheet or towel, provided this is something you feel comfortable with. The treatment will also normally start with you lying on your front, although your therapist may move you into different positions depending on what you have discussed with them and which areas feel particularly tense.

When is bespoke massage not appropriate?

While we would normally offer this treatment to anyone, there are some circumstances in which it may not be the most suitable treatment for you. These include if you have recently had a serious illness or injury, currently have any open cuts, wounds etc, have an infectious illness, are pregnant (in which case, please see our pregnancy massage page).

What locations is the bespoke massage available in?

Our therapists can provide this treatment for you in Bristol, Bath

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