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Our hectic lifestyles are not good for us. Many of us are living with chronic stress and anxiety, with little time to relax and switch off. All of this is damaging to our immune systems, wellbeing and overall health. We’re often left with feelings of exhaustion and low energy, as well as ailments such as back pain, joint aches and stiffness. Feeling constantly stressed can also have a detrimental effect on our relationships, whether with our partners, parents, friends or children. Massage is one way to reconnect with our own bodies, giving us space to reconnect with others, release emotions and be present in the lives of our families, friends and partners. Relax & Be offer couples massage alongside individual treatments. This is the perfect antidote to our overworked lives and can be tailored to your needs: we give you the opportunity to choose whether you want one therapist to provide one massage after the other, or two different therapists to deliver both treatments simultaneously.

What are the potential benefits of a couples massage?

Massage has been shown to have a number of beneficial effects, which include reducing muscle aches and pains; reducing joint stiffness; lowering stress levels and helping with the symptoms of anxiety and depression; alleviating insomnia; helping with physical health problems such as headaches; and boosting the body’s immune system.

What massage techniques are used during a couples massage?

All Relax & Be therapists are highly trained and able to adapt their practice to your needs. You can opt for a relaxation massage, the aim of which is allow the body to completely relax and rejuvenate. For this type of massage, our therapists will use a variety of techniques including long, slow strokes with the hands or arms, kneading of the skin and muscles, circular movements and tapping of the skin. Alternatively, you can opt for a deep tissue massage. This type of treatment uses more pressure, and the therapist may use techniques involving the elbows. They may also use more of their own body weight throughout the session. This is a more intense treatment that is designed to reach the deeper layers of muscle in order to alleviate longer-term pains, aches and stiffness.

Who would benefit from a couples massage?

All of our therapists share the view that massage can be beneficial for anyone, at any stage of life. However, our couples massage options may be particularly suitable for couples who are working long hours, have caring responsibilities, or who have recently undergone stressful life events - all of which can place additional stresses and burdens on relationships. A couples massage from Relax & Be is the ideal opportunity to take part in a shared experience which will allow you to relax, reconnect and take some time out from the stresses of life.

What can I expect from a couples massage?

When you book your couples massage session, you’ll be able to specify whether you want one therapist to provide both massages, or whether you and your partner would rather have your treatments at the same with two different therapists. At the start of your session, you’ll also have the chance to discuss any particular needs, symptoms, or physical health problems you may have. It’s important that you remain in communication with your therapist throughout the session, particularly if you’re having a deep tissue treatment as you’ll need to let your therapist know the appropriate amount of pressure to apply. One or both of you (depending on whether you’ve decided to have the treatments concurrently or one after the other) will then be invited to undress, keeping your underwear on, and to lie face down on a massage table. You’ll then be part covered by a sheet or towel. After that, there’ll be nothing left for you to do but relax and enjoy the session.

When is an couples massage not appropriate?

The same precautions apply as for our individual massage treatments. For instance, massage is not advisable if you currently have burns, cuts, opens wounds, or health conditions including skin infections or bleeding disorders. If you are pregnant, a pregnancy massage from one of our specially-qualified therapists may be more appropriate. Please see our pregnancy massage page for details.

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