Eco massage


Occasionally we have clients who contact us to say they already have their own massage table so our therapists don’t need to bring their own. We also often wonder about how we can reduce our reliance on using cars as a business, and also, sometimes people need just a massage, and they don’t need the luxury that comes with our premium service. So with these points in mind, we’ve designed the ‘My Table’ massage. A new kind of mobile treatment to allow for financial savings for our clients and less physical input for our therapists, along with less need to own their own car in order to be a mobile massage therapist; the ‘My Table’ massage is a treatment provided using your own massage table or one you have borrowed/ hired from a friend. A simple Google for 'buy massage table' will show you a selection to choose from from £50 upwards or check Gumtree and you may find one second hand! With your own table and towels we can come to you for a far reduced rate than if we were to bring our own table.

What are the potential benefits to an Eco massage?

The massage provided during a ‘My Table’ massage is a simple bespoke treatment that is tailored to your specific therapeutic needs. As well as the numerous potential benefits that come with having a bespoke massage treatment such as reducing muscle tension and easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, there is also the added bonus of a lower cost treatment as well as now owning your very own massage table for providing friends and family members with the gift of simple touch occasionally. We know it won’t be quite the same as from one of our therapists, but intuitive massage can also feel soothing for in between professional treatments occasionally.

What massage techniques are used during an Eco massage?

For this treatment our therapists provide a bespoke massage that is tailored to you and the techniques used will depend on your therapists experience and training. This may include long flowing strokes to soothe and relax, firm pressure addressing the deeper layers of muscles, hacking, frictions and tapotement to stimulate circulation.

Who would benefit from an Eco massage?

We know what your thinking; 'Even if I did buy a massage table, where would I keep it?', and we do understand that not everyone will have space to keep a fairly bulky massage table at home, but if you happen to have plenty of space, and you love massage then one of our 'My Table ' massages or memberships could make perfect sense! Once you have your own table there is also the option of using it yourself in between treatments so this could be a good choice for couples or friends who would like to give the occasional non qualified massage. Therapists themselves will also of course benefit from this lower cost treatment.

What can I expect during an Eco massage?

Our Eco massage is our low cost option, so although we will still provide our exemplary standard of massage we will require a little help from you to make this work. It will not feel quite the same as our premium service as once you have booked your treatment you will be asked via email to set up your own massage table and towels and set the ambiance for your treatment. We will require for this to be done in advance of your massage therapist arriving so that it doesn’t impact on your treatment time. When your therapist arrives they will check the hight of your table is right for them and when they have finished they will leave you to relax on your table if you wish, without even the need to get up.

When is an Eco massage not appropriate?

The Eco massage is not the same as our usual premium massage service as you will need to provide the table and towels yourself, so if you do not own a table or an appropriate set of towels (Two medium, two large and one hand towel is perfect) then this treatment will not be appropriate. The massage itself will be our bespoke massage, and while we would usually say that the bespoke massage is suitable for anyone, there are a few instances where it may not be, such as: a recent serious illness or injury, any open cuts, wounds etc, if you have an infectious illness or are pregnant (in which case, please see our pregnancy massage page).

Our therapists can provide this treatment for you in Bristol, Bath, Newport and Cardiff

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