Head, Neck and Shoulders


At Relax & Be we know the importance of switching off mentally as well as physically, which is why we think you will fall head over heels for this deeply relaxing treatment. Not only will you get all the benefits from a deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage to ease away knots and release stubborn tension, but this treatment also includes a calming and soothing head massage. The whole treatment will leave you feeling physically relaxed, mentally rejuvenated and with your spirit feeling blissfully restored.

What are the potential benefits of head neck and shoulders massage?

Head, Neck and Shoulders treatment can benefit you in many ways, including reducing the recurrence of headaches and improving the condition to hair and scalp; reducing tension from the muscles aiding you to feel more comfortable in your body, improvements to sleep, aiding muscle relaxation and joint mobility, improving circulation and encouraging a deep sense of relaxation.

What massage techniques are used during a head, neck and shoulders massage?

Your therapist will use a range of different massage techniques to release painful knotted tissue, gradually dissolve tension in the back and shoulders and help to re-educate muscles in the neck and back into their full range of motion A scalp massage will follow, sometimes incorporating friction and tapotement techniques to help stimulate the nervous system and increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the head. The techniques used can also help to promote the release of endorphins; the body’s natural pain killers. This is a great massage to choose to help reduce the possibility of headaches and ease stress build up leaving you feeling calmer and more clear headed.

Who would benefit from a head, neck and shoulders massage?

Our head, neck and shoulder massage is ideal for those seeking a rest from demanding work/ family pressures in order to revitalise back to their full potential to tackle what’s at hand. This might include students preparing for exams, office workers going for a promotion or parents feeling achy from lifting young children and lack of sleep. But with soothing tension relief to the back, shoulders and neck and invigorating scalp massage we think everyone would feel amazing after receiving this unique and uplifting treatment.

What can I expect from a head, neck and shoulders massage?

At the beginning of your massage appointment you will have time to discuss with your therapist briefly your specific requests for the treatment. This could include how you would like to feel after your massage, if there are any areas you would like focus on and the kind of pressure you prefer. Your therapist will go through your medical history, and if there's any health conditions that could affect your treatment. Before the treatment you will be asked, once your therapist steps out of the room, to remove your clothing except for your lower underwear and lay on the couch, usually face down with your face comfortably supported by the cradle and with a towel or sheet provided by your therapist covering your body. The massage routine will include the back, shoulders, neck and scalp and if there’s time, some therapists may ask you to turn over towards the end of the treatment to include the face and upper chest as well, or you can request this. Following your massage treatment you will be given time to gently bring yourself round and sit up from the table while your therapist gives you privacy. They will then quickly pack up their things and you will be left to enjoy the relaxing after glow from your massage.

When is a head, neck and shoulders massage not appropriate?

It’s advised to avoid head, neck and shoulder massage if you currently have any open cuts, wounds or lesions, if you’ve just undergone surgery or experienced any recent injuries or fractures or if you feel ill or have a fever. If you’re pregnant, then a pregnancy massage may be a better option for you.

Our therapists can provide this treatment for you in Bristol, Bath, Newport and Cardiff

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