Relaxation massage


Modern life can be stressful and hectic. We lead busy lives, often working long hours, enduring tedious commutes, and leading lifestyles that don’t always allow us to take a step back and care for ourselves properly. All of this is putting our nervous systems under continual strain. As a result, many of us live with chronic physical ailments like back pain, not to mention high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Here at Relax Bristol, we believe it’s important to regularly allow ourselves a window of calm where we can relax, rejuvenate and restore our energy levels. Relaxation massage is a holistic treatment to alleviate a range of symptom by kickstarting the body’s own innate healing processes. Relaxation massage has been proven to have a number of physical, emotional and psychological benefits that can boost overall health and wellbeing.

What are the potential benefits of a relaxation massage ?

The benefits of relaxation massage are numerous and may include the following: Easing muscle tension, pain and stiffness eg in the lower back, reducing levels of stress, anxiety and depression, alleviating insomnia and promoting good sleep, alleviating the symptoms of some physical ailments such as headaches, boosting the immune system and the body’s natural healing processes.

What massage techniques are used during a relaxation massage?

This will depend on your therapist. All of our therapists are highly trained in a number of different massage disciplines and will be able to adapt their practice to suit your needs. In general, the techniques that your therapist may use include long strokes using the hands or arms, kneading of the skin and muscles, circular movements and tapping of the skin.

Who would benefit from a relaxation massage?

Massage has been shown to have a number health benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds. We see massage as a key part of self-care, which is essential to overall good health and wellbeing. Relaxation massage has been shown to play a role in reducing cortisol levels, which is associated with feelings of stress. So it can help you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Massage can also be used to treat common physical problems that many of us experience, including chronic stiffness and aches and pains, particularly in areas such as the lower back.

What can I expect during a relaxation massage?

At the start of your treatment, you’ll have time to discuss your precise needs with your therapist. You’ll be able to talk through any specific problems you may have and they will ask you about your medical history, current symptoms and expectations of the session. During the treatment itself, you’ll normally be advised to remove all your outer clothes, apart from your underwear, though you’ll never be asked to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Most relaxation massages take place with you lying on your front, covered with a towel or sheet, but other positions may also be used as and when appropriate. During the treatment, it’s important that you remain in communication with your therapist. Let them know if they are applying too much pressure or not enough, if the treatment is too painful, or there’s something you’re not comfortable with. Your therapist may also use massage oils during the treatment. All Relax Bristol therapists use oils derived from natural products. There will be a chance to discuss any concerns or allergies you may have before you begin your treatment.

When is a relaxation massage not appropriate?

There may be some instances where a relaxation massage may not be the right treatment for you. For instance, if you’re recovering from burns, wounds or surgery, you have a bleeding disorder, you’re pregnant - in this case, pregnancy massage may be a better option.

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